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        2. 熔體流動速率儀是測定各種高聚物在粘流狀態時的熔體流動速率,采用全中文液晶操作界面,自動進料、自動切料等功能。

          Melt flow indexer measures the melt flow rate of variety of high polymer in the condition of viscosity flow, adopts full Chinese-character liquid crystal operator interface and obtains the functions of automatic feed and automatic cutting.


          1、 濕度范圍:50-400

          2、 控制濕度:±0.2

          3、 濕度顯示分辨率:0.1

          4、 最大功耗:500W

          5、 溫度恢復時間:4分鐘

          6、 砝碼精度:±0.5%

          Main Technical Parameter

          1、 Temperature range:50-400

          2、 Controlling temperature:±0.2

          3、 Temperature display resolution:0.1

          4、 Maximum power consumption:500W

          5、 Thermal recovery time: four minutes