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          This testing machine applies to test the compressive strength of concrete ,brick, stone and so on and is the specialized equipment for industries of architecture, highway and construction material; makes use of computer servo(proportion) control system, computer controls the whole operating process, automatic constant load and the loading speed can be adjusted, the screws adopt electric lifting, realizes the testing functions of constant stress-constant strain, constant stress-constant displacement ,constant strain-constant displacement, computer arbitrarily controls and sets the required testing parameter, fruiting behavior follows up the testing data, dynamically displayed by curves, testing data can be edited, curves can be browsed and stored as well as the complete testing report can be printed.



          1、 最大測力:2000、3000KN

          2、 示值精度:≤±1%

          3、 測量范圍(FS:1/250~100%

          4、 活塞行程(mm:80

          5、 加力速度范圍:1.0~9.9KN/S

          6、 上壓板尺寸:約320*320mm

          7、 下壓板尺寸:約400*400mm

          8、 電機功率:1.52.2KV

          9、 外形尺寸:約520*450*1350mm、700*540*1800mm

          10、         測控箱:約1110*640*1200mm

          11、         機臺重量:約1000kg1500kg



          Main Technical Parameter:

          1、 Maximum force measurement:2000,3000KN

          2、 Indicating accuracy: ≤±1%

          3、 Measuring range (FS):1/250~100%

          4、 Piston stroke (mm):80

          5、 Speed of adding force:1.0~9.9KN/S

          6、 Dimension of op board: about 320*320mm

          7、 Dimension of down-pressing board: about 400*400mm

          8、 Power:1.5 or 2.2KV

          9、 Overall dimension: about 520*450*1350mm、700*540*1800mm

          10、         Measuring and controlling box: about 1110*640*1200mm

          11、         Machine weight: about 1000kg or 1500kg